I love to make cabochon necklaces. Actually, I’m crazy for crafting recently. I make pins, too. And bracelets. And whatever else I can think of. So this post is about my recent handmade endeavors.

It all starts with an image I’ve drawn. 

I print it, cut it and glue it with decoupage glue onto the glass. I  came to the conclusion that I have to put a lot of glue and clean afterwards. Otherwise, when the glue is dry little shiny spots remain on the image which are seen when light is falling from some angles. Like in this necklace with my ferret illustration:

Cabochon necklace fail - spots where I have not put a sufficient amount of the decoupage glue on. this handmade pendant with a funny ferret illustration

I’m also careful to not make bubbles in the glue. I put it with a brush with slow movements. Then I pop the bubbles which I see with the tip of the brush. 

When the decoupage glue is dry, I varnish it a couple of times with matte varnish using a brush because I want to make sure it is waterproof and image will not be ruined if the necklace is dropped in water or a heavy rain pours onto it. I make test in running water to see where I need to add more varnish. Then make a photo of the spots which have become soaked. Draw on the photo to make it easier for me and then leave the cabochon glass with the image to dry. 

Making of cabochons with images - testing if they are waterproof

When the cabochon has passed the running water test I clean the base (the bezel) to ensure there is no oil from the skin where I’ve touched it. If it is very smooth, I scratch it so that the glue sticks better. If it is one of the bezels on the upper photo there is no need for this. 

Making of cabochon necklaces - scratching surface for better glue adhesion

Then I put the glue very carefully. I use E6000 transparent glue in a well ventilated area because its fumes are toxic. There is an applicator but I use a toothpick because I have better control that way.  I put it on the base and then on the cabochon, too. 

I press the cabochon onto the base and turn it upside down to use the weight of the metal base for pressing. I leave it for 72 hours as the instructions for the glue say and then the necklace is ready to be put on the chain. And that is everything.

Here are the some of the pendants which I’ve created up to now:

Also, these pin buttons:

And this stainless steel ring:

And lastly, this personalized bracelet with a photo of my lovely niece which was a gift for my sister:

Handmade photo bracelet with photo of a child

Just opened my Etsy store with cabochon necklaces. You can see them all here:


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