White Ferret Funny Animal Art

Cute white ferret watercolor artwork depicting this quirky animal elegantly dressed and smiling against minimalist blue background.

Handmade photo bracelet – personalized stainless steel jewelry

Discover the beauty of handmade bracelets with personalized stainless steel photo charms. A perfect gift, these unique pieces combine elegance, sentimentality, and versatility. Capture cherished memories and make a lasting impression. Order yours now!

Evil Bug Nurse Character Art

Step into a whimsical world of art with the Evil Bug Nurse artwork, where an eccentric character wields a syringe filled with a mysterious green liquid. Embark on a journey through the realm of curiosity and caution as you ponder whether it holds a miraculous elixir or a mischievous poison. Brace yourself for an art piece that challenges conventions and leaves you wondering who’s brave enough to seek a cure.

Weird Eye of Fractured Lava

Unveil the captivating allure of the Fractured Lava Eye artwork—a surreal blend of gothic beauty, mysterious enchantment, and floral grace. Dive into the depths of this mesmerizing digital masterpiece and explore the Redbubble store for products inspired by this weird design.

Blue beetle necklace for insect lovers

Discover the stunning Beetle Necklace, a one-of-a-kind piece of Goblincore Jewelry, handcrafted with love and care by artist Boriana Giormova. The striking blue scarab beetle artwork is set in a round cabochon necklace, attached to a delicate stainless steel chain, making it a real conversation starter and a great gift for insect lovers and entomology scientists.

Creepy demon woman in snowy night

This creation of mine is a creepy and surreal illustration of a monster creature resembling a woman with black skin, glowing eyes and deformed hands with very long nails, wearing a beautiful violet dress in a moonlit, snowy winter forest with strange trees. This mixed media artwork was created using ink, watercolor, and digital art …

Kaleidoscopic Flower In Black And White

Kaleidoscopic flower digital illustration – a beautiful piece of digital art created using Procreate. The flower has sharp and bold black and grey petals forming an abstract floral mandala shape and intricate ornamental swirl decorations on the petals.Drawn in Procreate. Art prints at Redbubble.

Funny blue monster with many eyes and flower

Artwork which features a funny blue monster with multiple eyes holding a flower, happily excited. Drawn in Procreate. Art prints available at Redbubble.

Weird eye bracelet – handmade jewelry piece

Introducing my latest creation: the Weird Eye Bracelet. This quirky piece of jewelry features a stainless steel band with a cabochon with my artwork of a pink eye surrounded by green botanical elements. Perfect for those who love goth or whimsigoth jewelry. Whether you identify as an e-girl, a green witch, or just someone with …

Значки с бръмбари за любители на насекоми

Значките са чудесен начин да изразите своята индивидуалност и да добавите малко цвят към вашия облекло или аксесоар. Ако сте любител на насекомите, сега имате възможност да покажете своята страст с моите забавни значки с бръмбари. Те са идеални за всички, които обичат насекомите, едни от най-интересните обитатели на нашата планета. Тези значки с бръмбари …