Ferret music lover illustration

Ferret music lover vector illustration depicting a cute fluffy ferret with headphones

This ferret music lover illustration was drawn after discussing a word in Bulgarian with my husband. In our language styrofoam is called “stiropor” and then many people don’t hear / read it right so they call it “stereopor” which is a combination between “stereo” as in sound and “por” which means ferret. So here is what we imagined when we hear the word spoken this way. I’m a pharmacist and we study chemistry intensively so I imagine it is easy for people to make the mistake. I have fun with it nonetheless. So this is vector illustration of a fluffy cute ferret which listens to its favorite music on its own phone, wearing big headphones. Check out art prints with this funny mustelid at my Redbubble and Society6 stores:

Ferret music lover art print at Redbubble
Funny ferret art print at Redbubble

Ferret music lover products at my Society6 store:

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