Just updated this green leaves dark botanical pattern. Made it more balanced. This design features dark, almost black, background with brightly colored hand painted green leaves with ink drawn veins. The contrast between the dark background and the vibrant green leaves creates a bold and striking look. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, this design also brings a sense of nature and the outdoors in a playful way due to the scattered leaves in seemingly not particular order.

One way to incorporate this design into your life is by wearing it as clothes to show your love of nature and the color green, as well as accessories such as phone cases and bags.

Another way to use this design is on textiles such as throw pillows, curtains, or bedding. This can be a great way to add a touch of the pattern to a room without committing to a feature wall. The use of textiles also allows for easy updating of the design in the future.

See some of the products with this surface pattern which I’ve designed below.

Shop this green leaves pattern at my Redbubble store

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I’m an artist, pharmacist, mother, geek, weirdo. Some of my designs are quirky and fun, some of them – creepy and dark, others – plain geeky.

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