Watching eyes surreal art. Old one again. I’m just too slow adding the artwork here. Drew this vector illustration some time ago after a sketch doodled in my Paper app. You can clearly see I have an obsession with eyes. I like them psychedelic, creepy and weird in any way I can imagine. And I can imagine a lot. This is maybe due to my own ocular problems – they move the focus to these particular body parts on which vision depends so desperately upon. These floral eyeballs in particular seem to be looking at something exciting. I wonder what it is exactly, but it seems way more strange than they themselves are. For this drawing I was just testing a new color scheme and was really enjoying these clear fun pink, green and blue colors. Later I redrew the initial image in Affinity Designer and created art prints at my stores:

Watching eyes art prints of a vector illustration created in Affinity Designer
Watching eyes art prints at Redbubble and Society6

Weird eyes products from my Society6 store:

And some from my Redbubble store:

Lastly, check out more products with this trippy floral design from my Zazzle store (where you can add your custom text on everything), as well as tees at Design By Humans, Tostadora, Teepublic. Plus more cases at Artscase. Also, see more of my eye designs here.

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