This creation of mine is a creepy and surreal illustration of a monster creature resembling a woman with black skin, glowing eyes and deformed hands with very long nails, wearing a beautiful violet dress in a moonlit, snowy winter forest with strange trees. This mixed media artwork was created using ink, watercolor, and digital art techniques, and the result is an eerie and fascinating image that draws the viewer in.

The overall effect of the mixed media technique used in this artwork creates a sense of otherworldliness and an almost dreamlike quality. The black ink lines and the watercolor washes add depth and texture to the illustration, while the digital art tools allowed me to add a texture to the snow on the ground and a fog in the forest.

The strange trees in the background add to the overall surreal atmosphere of the piece, hinting at a world beyond the viewer’s understanding. The long, deformed nails on the creature’s hands are a nod to horror and thriller movie tropes, adding to the eerie and unsettling feeling of the piece. The glowing eyes are a common feature in many horror and science fiction stories, adding a sense of the supernatural and the unknown.

One of the best things about digital art is the ability to create high-quality prints and merchandise to showcase your work. I have a Redbubble store where you can purchase art prints, phone cases and other merchandise featuring this artwork such as these:

If you’re interested in purchasing a print or other merchandise featuring this artwork, head over to my Redbubble store and take a look. I hope you enjoy this creepy and surreal illustration as much as I enjoyed creating it.

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I’m an artist, pharmacist, mother, geek, weirdo. Some of my designs are quirky and fun, some of them – creepy and dark, others – plain geeky.

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