Cute ferret kids hoodies

Two cute ferret kids hoodies with my designs. Bought them for my big girls – each one of them chose one of these animal drawings. Ordered them from Zazzle and I’m quite happy with them. The quality of the sweatshirts and the prints is good. Zazzle uses direct-to-garment printing for them so the images, though perfectly clear and crisp, are a bit grainy, but they feel like a natural part of the fabric, not like a layer on top of it. Here they are:
My kids with their funny ferret hoodies bought from my Zazzle store
My kids with the hoodies

Click through the images to buy them at my Zazzle store:

Ferret music lover with headphones girl hoodie
Elegant ferret hipster with monocle and bow tie girl sweatshirt

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Music loving ferret Zazzle collection
Ferret hipster collection at Zazzle

See more hoodies from my Zazzle store here

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