Weird floral mandala with teeth which I drew some time ago in ink. Recently I vectorized it and prepared it for this week’s topic of Illustration Friday which is “black and white”. It is a drawing of a strange flower with teeth in a style which resembles tattoo art.

Black and white floral mandala with teeth


Now I colored the vector drawing in blue and violet. Also, added some details on the petals. Created art prints, too. You can see them at my Redbubble and Society6 stores.

Weird flower mandala in violet and black with teeth in tattoo style
Mandala flower with teeth art print at Redbubble

Weird floral designs from my Society6 store:

Lastly, check out products with this gothic design at my Zazzle store as well as tees and more at Design By Humans, Teepublic and Tostadora.

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