Autumn leaves drawings ink watercolor 2017

Autumn leaves drawings from this year’s fall season. Drawn in ink and watercolor. You can also see them at my Instagram. There was a challenge at @leavestodraw by Anika Starmer for drawing particular leaves which she had photographed. These are my sketches. Turned some of them into art prints, will soon add them to the site.

Drawing of a green leaf with white ink veins and dots
Green leaf from day 8

Drawing of a fancy yellow leaf with abstract circle elements
Yellow tulip tree leaf from day 8. See art prints here.
Fun pattern of small green leaves and flowers with purple petals
Small leaves and flowers pattern from day 7
ink drawing of a leaf with two different colors halves and white decorative circles
Reddish brown leaf from day 9
Green leaf with many dark green and white dots
Spotted leaf from day 10
Four yellowish red pointy leaves
Four beautiful leaves from day 11. See art prints here.
Two pin oak autumn leaves drawings
Two leaves which look as if they are dancing from day 12. See art prints here.

You can see all of these sketches along with my recent ones at my Instagram.

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I’m an artist, pharmacist, mother, geek, weirdo. Some of my designs are quirky and fun, some of them – creepy and dark, others – plain geeky.

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