Cute giraffe drawing of a roller skating animal. It has tiny roller skates with wheels made of purple flowers. It is very happy. Cheerfully smiling, this cutie nibbles on a purple flower in delight. It also holds a little boquette of flowers with its tail. This fun illustration has a dark purple background – you can tell I love the color purple.

I’ve drawn this cute animal some years ago in art school at my Posters class. The task was to create a fun poster with something unusual. And what is more fun than a giraffe-skater, I thought. So I sketched it and vectorized it and here it is. It has since turned out to be one of my most popular designs along with the Evil Flower Bug. At Redbubble people get it mainly on phone cases, both for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. At Society6 it’s mugs and cases mostly. At Live Heroes it’s my best selling design – mainly as sweaters. Also, the sticker with customizable text at Zazzle gets lot of love, as well as the t-shirts.

Check out prints and fun stuff with this cute giraffe at my online stores:

Cute giraffe drawing gifts at Redbubble


Giraffe art at Zazzle

Cute giraffe gifts at Society6

Desktop wallpaper with the giraffe:


Purple skating giraffe desktop wallpaper by boriana giormova
1920×1200 desktop wallpaper with the funny giraffe


desktop wallpaper with a skating giraffe with resolution 1200x1920
Giraffe desktop wallpaper in yellow

Get an iPhone wallpaper, too:

Purple skating cartoon giraffe iPhone wallpaper
iPhone wallpaper with the giraffe, optimized for iPhone 6 Plus Parallax effect


Yellow skating cartoon giraffe iPhone wallpaper
Giraffe iPhone wallpaper in yellow

See more animals here

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I’m an artist, pharmacist, mother, geek, weirdo. Some of my designs are quirky and fun, some of them – creepy and dark, others – plain geeky.

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