Autumn leaf eaten by cute bugs

Autumn leaf fun cartoon illustration of an orange oak leaf and three blue bugs eating it. They have big eyes, big teeth and are very, very cute. This cute seasonal design is great for kids, as well as people who love fall season and its warm colors. Added art prints and products to my Society6 and Redbubble stores.

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Cute Bugs Pattern In Purple Pink And Orange

These cute bugs have big eyes and sharp teeth and they are smiling happily. Created this cute pattern in pink, orange and purple colorsĀ some time ago.Ā I have added many products with thisĀ fun pattern at my stores – from phone cases and home decor to all over printed clothing.
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Evil Monster Kingpin Jailed

TheĀ evilĀ monster kingpinĀ has finally been captured. This nasty blue cartoon character looks at you from behind jail bars. HeĀ managesĀ the evil deeds of hisĀ gang from jail, too, no problem. He’s happy and content there, just having a vacation. HeĀ is grinning because heĀ surely knows someone will help him to get out of jail soon. Some friends atĀ higher places…

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