Weird cat and mysterious eye for Illustration Friday

Drew this weird cat with strange bulging hand last Inktober. As this week’s topic of Illustration Friday is “mysterious”, thought it was just about time to color it. So this is the first one. The second is a bizarre eye in fresh orange, yellow, pink, coral and blue colours which has leaves around itself. More like an eye-flower, not that this is a new topic for me. I seem to generate them frequently. The cat is a vectorised ink drawing and the flower is drawn in Procreate. Here are the images:

Weird cat creature with strangely deformed hand
Mysterious eye flower in cheerful colors


April 21st 2019

Added these new collections at my Zazzle store:

Fat penguin on diet

Spiral galaxy with beach ball planets

Funny swan gentleman with top hat and bow tie

Funny electro cat

Crescent moon with flowers in tattoo style