Cute demon toys made from soft air drying material

These cute demon toys were created by request of my little daughter. The blue one appeared by just me playing with a strange soft air drying material. And my daughter loved it and took it to play with it. Then she said that it should have a girlfriend – a pink one. And so I made the girlfriend. She’s more cheerful – with a smile and holding a kawaii skull as does the blue demonic creature. Maybe I should make more of these cute goth toys.

Anyway, here are some photos:

I even shot videos of these cute demon toys:

And here is the blue one:

Cute demon toy in blue and white holding a skull with puzzled expression

Finally, check out this design which I made with the blue demon. it’s available on T-Shirts and all kids of other products such as stickers and phone cases.

See this demon toy design at my Redbubble store