Methane molecule image featured at Redbubble

Methane molecule image in fun colors

My molecule image showing sp³ hybridization in methane has been featured in Redbubble’s Found today! Thank you Redbubble. So I thought it was just about time to present it here.

I love chemistry, especially organic chemistry. Drew this methane molecule because methane is the first compound we study in this discipline (my primary education is a pharmacist). And, to be honest, because I love drawing these shapes. Atomic orbitals represent all possible places of the electrons in space. That is what the dots stand for. And I like adding dots everywhere, too. This design is also related to environmental issues, because methane is one of the gases which contribute to the Greenhouse Effect.

Orange methane molecule art print

Here’s a screenshot from the Redbubble homepage today:

Redbubble’s Found page today

Check out some of the products with this fun geek design at my Redbubble store:

After Redbubble, I added the illustration to Society6:

Then I started to create customizable products and to add them to my Zazzle store in this collection:

Zazzle collection of products with an abstract illustration of and orange methane molecule
Methane molecule Zazzle collection

It’s tiny tiny now, but it will soon grow so if you are interested in customizable geek stuff, check it out later again. 🙂

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