Methane molecules and clouds pattern

Geek pattern of methane molecules and clouds

Created methane molecules pattern this week. It’s a geek illustration with a hint of environmentalism. Made it because human farts are 7 percent methane and this gas is one of the greenhouse gasses. Cows have a much bigger impact than humans, though – farts, mostly burp – it’s a lot of methane. So it’s just a fun chemistry design. Shows my favorite sp³ hybridization between carbon and hydrogen atomic orbitals. See this illustration and products with it at Redbubble and Society6. Here are some of the products at my Society6 store:

Made t-shirt designs at Design By Humans and Tostadora just in time for Earth Day. I’ve also just started to create products with this geek design at Zazzle. Some of them are customizable – you can place your name or some custom text on them. See the collection which I add them to:

Zazzle collection with a pattern of rain clouds and methane molecules
Methane molecules and clouds pattern at Zazzle

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