Andean Condor Bird Illustration

Geometric Andean condor bird illustration

This Andean condor was drawn for a compilation of songs in the style Huayno. It is a collaborative name for the traditional songs of the countries in South America – Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Ecuador, played especially by the Quechua people there. I designed a music cover for songs like these some time ago. I wanted to create a design which resembles the style of Andean textiles. They’re beautiful, geometric, bright. I wanted it to be modern yet to have the spirit of native South American art. Birds, especially condors, sun were motives which I saw in most of the textiles there. And I listened to this kind of music then to get in the mood. Loved it, actually. So I decided to draw a geometric condor with wide spread wings flying in from of a big yellow sun.

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