Geek Love Potion

This geek love potion emerged when we doodled with my oldest daughter some time ago. It’s a clean cartoon illustration of a glass flask filled with red bubbling liquid. Heart shaped bubbles flow cheerfully out of the flask. It’s a somehow geeky design related to my love for science, especially chemistry. (I’m a pharmacist by primary education. And I love all kinds of nerdy stuff, too.)

Check out some products with the geek love potion at my Society6 store:




Not surprisingly, interest to the flask illustration peaks around Valentine’s Day. I guess it’s cool to say “I love you” with a geeky card. Friends have told me that it’s plain cute, too. I’ve added products with the flask to my online stores. At Redbubble people buy mainly stickers with it. At Zazzle people’s favorite is the mug with inscription “I love you” in the biggest heart. Also the card and the women’s T-Shirt.

Get desktop and iPhone wallpapers with this geeky design:

desktop wallpaper with a pattern of the flask
geek love potion wallpaper 1920x1200 by boriana griomova
desktop wallpaper
geek love potion iPhone wallpaper by boriana giormova
iPhone wallpaper optimized for the iPhone 6 Plus Parallax effect

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