Funny Snake In Love

This funny snake was drawn a long time ago when I was sketching ideas for my portfolio site. Finished just the artwork and made art print out of the swirling reptiles instead of making the site. All of the snakes have very sharp teeth and they are eyeless except for the center one. You can tell it is in love by its heart-shaped glasses, heh. I love to draw this kind of shapes. They frequently turn out to be reptilian or flowers with just teeth coming out of their mouths and this one is a great example. I’ll draw something like this with watercolors in the near future.

Grunge textured illustration of a funny snake with heart shaped glasses and other squirming reptiles around it
Funny snake in love art print

Art prints and products with the funny snake at Society6:

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What I did today – September 7th 2016

There were national holidays here. When I got back, I finished my glowing swirls drawing in Procreate. Then created art prints at Redbubble and Society6. Added some products to Zazzle, too.

Glowing Swirls art print
Glowing Swirls art print
  • Added prints of the swirls to Redbubble. They look interesting on their all-over printed clothing. Check out this tank top:

    Glowing swirls contrast tank top
    Glowing swirls contrast tank top
  • Added art prints to Society6, too. I particularly like how the tote bag looks:

    Glowing Swirls tote bag
  • Added new products with the evil bug chemist to Zazzle. See them at this blog post.
  • Added art prints with my evil bugs to my newly opened art shop at Curioos, starting with the ubiquitous Evil Flower Bug, of course:
    Evil lFlower Bug art print at Curioos, in situ
    Evil Flower Bug art print at Curioos, in situ look

    That kind of sums it up.