What I Created Recently – Feb 1st 2017

  • Drew an image of a girl with strange haircut and swirly flowers for Illustration Friday’s topic “swirl”.

    Vector illustration of a girl with strange haircut with swirls and swirly flowers all around.
    Strange hairstyle and swirls
  • Then created art prints and t-shirts with it at Redbubble, Society6, Design By HumansTostadora. Here’s how the Tostadora tee looks:

    T-shirt design featuring a vector illustration of a girl with a hairstyle in swirls at Tostadora
    Tee with strange swirly hair
  • Added three designs to Zippi – Cute Origami Fox Portrait, Too Much Coffee, Happy Smiling Sun.
  • Lastly, created Zazzle collection for my eyes and fish pattern and made new products with this design. See them all here:

    Zazzle collection featuring products with a pattern of blue and purple eyes and fish
    Eyes and fish pattern in blue sea – Zazzle collection

What I did today – September 7th 2016

There were national holidays here. When I got back, I finished my glowing swirls drawing in Procreate. Then created art prints at Redbubble and Society6. Added some products to Zazzle, too.

Glowing Swirls art print
Glowing Swirls art print
  • Added prints of the swirls to Redbubble. They look interesting on their all-over printed clothing. Check out this tank top:

    Glowing swirls contrast tank top
    Glowing swirls contrast tank top
  • Added art prints to Society6, too. I particularly like how the tote bag looks:

    Glowing Swirls tote bag
  • Added new products with the evil bug chemist to Zazzle. See them at this blog post.
  • Added art prints with my evil bugs to my newly opened art shop at Curioos, starting with the ubiquitous Evil Flower Bug, of course:
    Evil lFlower Bug art print at Curioos, in situ
    Evil Flower Bug art print at Curioos, in situ look

    That kind of sums it up.