Funny Snake In Love

This funny snake was drawn a long time ago when I was sketching ideas for my portfolio site. Finished just the artwork and made art print out of the swirling reptiles instead of making the site. All of the snakes have very sharp teeth and they are eyeless except for the center one. You can tell it is in love by its heart-shaped glasses, heh. I love to draw this kind of shapes. They frequently turn out to be reptilian or flowers with just teeth coming out of their mouths and this one is a great example. I’ll draw something like this with watercolors in the near future.

Grunge textured illustration of a funny snake with heart shaped glasses and other squirming reptiles around it
Funny snake in love art print

Art prints and products with the funny snake at Society6:

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Bright psychedelic eye (side)

Psychedelic eye which is so strained and tense that colorful splashes come out of it instead of tears. It is amazed by the colorful world around it. This bright illustration is inspired by Shine On you Crazy Diamond by Pink Floyd. And now that I think – by all of their music. They’re one of my favorite bands since I was a teenager. Most of their songs put me in a down mood but they are so very beautiful.

Psychedelic eye vector illustration

I drew the sketch in Paper by Fifty Three, then vectorized it. It’s was fun and I seem to enjoy this color scheme a lot. I created products with the eye at my online stores, check out some of them below.

Get this psychedelic eye on fun products at my Society6 store

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Funny Lemon Eats Lemon

Digital collage of a funny lemon who has shark teeth. The juicy lemon slice chases another lemon while flying through space. It has opened a huge mouth and prepares to eat the smaller yellow fellow. Cannibalism, in its worst form. 🙂

This design will appeal to someone who likes lemons and has a sense of humor. I can imagine myself looking like this lemon when I prepare to eat chocolate…

I’ve initially created the illustration some time ago for my Illustration class. The task was to create a poster on the topic “Absurdity” and the original image had the word “wow” at the lower right corner. I had made a variation were the lemon chases three other smaller lemons. It implied association with a well-known game so I ditched it and chose this one. Since then I’ve put these crazy lemons on all kinds of products. The best selling types of products with this fun design are phone cases and tees.

The funny lemon at Society6

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