Funny Snake In Love

This funny snake was drawn a long time ago when I was sketching ideas for my portfolio site. Finished just the artwork and made art print out of the swirling reptiles instead of making the site. All of the snakes have very sharp teeth and they are eyeless except for the center one. You can tell it is in love by its heart-shaped glasses, heh. I love to draw this kind of shapes. They frequently turn out to be reptilian or flowers with just teeth coming out of their mouths and this one is a great example. I’ll draw something like this with watercolors in the near future.

Grunge textured illustration of a funny snake with heart shaped glasses and other squirming reptiles around it
Funny snake in love art print

Art prints and products with the funny snake at Society6:

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Cute Hugging Love Cats

These love cats hug each other with their tails. It’s a cute illustration of a black and white cat which I’ve drawn some time ago. I had a project for a music cover of love songs compilation back then. Being a cat lover myself, this is what I came up with. Later I created lots of products with these cute kitties, too. I particularly like how they look on red, blue and pink background. So these are the colors I chose for the products.

Black and white love cats
Black and white cats in love (red)
Black and white cats hugging each other with their tails over textured blue background
Hugging Love Cats

Get products with these kitties at my Society6 store – red and blue:

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Pink teddy bear pattern

This teddy bear pattern features a digital illustration of a cute teddy bear holding a heart. I drew the fluffy teddy a long time ago inspired by a toy my husband (then boyfriend) gave me as a gift.

Check out products with this cute teddy bear pattern at my Society6 store:

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Dinosaur Soccer Player

This dinosaur soccer illustration features a cartoon dinosaur who loves to play soccer. It stands there with its cute big eyes, preparing to kick the ball. This is a kids’ sports design. I drew this cute T-Rex a long time ago while doodling with my oldest daughter. She was about 2 years old then. I used to put a large sheet of paper on the floor and we both drew everywhere on it with color pencils. Later we drew this way with my second daughter. Now I just started this fun activity with my youngest daughter. It’s just that we are four artists now. And the kids have a lot more precious ideas than me, actually. 🙂

Later I vectorized the dino drawing and made art print products with it. This cartoon tyrannosaurus is available in two variations – with black and blue background. It is one of my best-selling designs at Zazzle, mainly as kids’ tees.

Check out some products with the dinosaur soccer design at Redbubble:

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Cute Origami Cartoon Fox

This cartoon fox lives happily in the land of geometric shapes. Whatever happens, it is always strong and happy. It has that curious look in its eyes. Wants to know everything about everything. This cute origami animal started its life as… an origami, what a surprise. I love origami. I like how only using paper, one can recreate flowers animals and more. No distinct marks on the paper are need. It’s only form. Origami are very beautiful abstractions.

Check out this cartoon fox at Society6:

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Happy Cartoon Whale Illustration

This cute cartoon whale smiles while swimming happily in the ocean. Instead of water, it splashes colorful swirls in blue, orange and yellow color. I’ve first drawn the bright swirls as a part of another design which I applied for a job with. In it the colorful swirls were coming out of a champagne glass. I made a number of music cover designs with that employer and I was very happy with our cooperative work. Then I decided to stop  working on other projects, just to focus on my personal illustrations. Anyway…

Looking at my old designs I imagined these splashes coming out of a cute whale’s blowhole. I sketched the whale on my phone all in purple, with shading because I love purple and I love to draw shading. Then vectorized the animal, made it blue and combined both images. If I look hard enough now I can find the original sketch, too. Maybe I will add it to this post later.

Recently I found whales don’t actually spray water from their blowholes but anyway, popular movies have made us all believe this. It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

You can see the whale in all my online stores. It has two variations . One has a light neutral background and the other – dark blue. The dark blue background seems to be much more popular than the light one, though I personally prefer the light one.

See this cartoon whale at Society6

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Gracious Evil Black Cat

This evil black cat has glowing eyes and beautifully curled tail. It is a vector illustration with a grunge textured background in a varied color – purple, red, blue, sometimes light green. Black kitties are beautiful, though sometimes evil, as are all cats in general. I love them. This is a design for all the cat lovers out there who also like darker stuff. Check out some of the designs with the evil kitty at my online stores:

The evil black cat at Society6:

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Cartoon Giraffe On Roller Skates

This cartoon giraffe loves to skate. It has tiny roller skates with wheels made of purple flowers. It is very happy. Cheerfully smiling, this cutie nibbles on a purple flower in delight. It also holds a little boquette of flowers with its tail. This fun illustration has a dark purple background – you can tell I love the color purple.

I’ve drawn this cute animal some years ago in art school at my Posters class. The task was to create a fun poster with something unusual. And what is more fun than a giraffe-skater, I thought. So I sketched it and vectorized it and here it is. It has since turned out to be one of my most popular designs along with the Evil Flower Bug. At Redbubble people get it mainly on phone cases, both for iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. At Society6 it’s mugs and cases mostly. At Live Heroes it’s my best selling design – mainly as sweaters. Also, the sticker with customizable text at Zazzle gets lot of love, as well as the t-shirts.

Check out prints and fun stuff with this cute giraffe at my online stores:

The cartoon giraffe at Redbubble

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