Red gracious black cat illustration

Gracious Evil Black Cat

This evil black cat has glowing eyes and beautifully curled tail. It is a vector illustration with a grunge textured background in a varied color – purple, red, blue, sometimes light green. Black kitties are beautiful, though sometimes evil, as are all cats in general. I love them. This is a design for all the cat lovers out there who also like darker stuff. Check out some of the designs with the evil kitty at my online stores:

The evil black cat at Society6:




I’ve drawn this evil black cat some time ago. My sister loves cats as much as myself. She wanted to have a cat tattoo made. She gave me a necklace with a cat and said: I like this cat, but not enough – I want mine to be turned aside like this and to look a lot better. So I drew my version of the feline – just a silhouette so it looks good as a tattoo. She liked it. Then she made the tattoo and it looks very good on her.

I’ve made a lot of designs with the little evil feline since then. People get it most on T-Shirts and phone cases. The mugs and leggings at Society6 have been also bought recently.

You can get an iPhone wallpaper with the kitty:

blue gracious evil black cat iphone wallpaper by boriana giormova  purple gracious evil black cat iphone wallpaper by boriana giormova

And a desktop wallpaper, too:

Gracious evil black cat desktop wallpaper in blue

Gracious evil black cat desktop wallpaper in purple

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